Designer's Corner



The Perfect Design

Is there a such thing as a perfect design?


I believe the answer lies within how much thought and consideration is put into the concept of the design.

Have you thought about how you live in your current home? 

Do you entertain much? Do you like open spaces? 

Do you prefer warm/cozy or bright/airy spaces? Do you enjoy sitting outside on your porch or patio?

Have you considered where the sun will set in the heat of summer or the cool of fall?

What are the views from each room that the house will emcompass?

Do your guests need much closet space? Do you want them comfortable enough to never want to leave?

Do you like vaulted ceilings or more formal coffered ceilings?

Have you considered the work triangle of the kitchen?


These are some of the many questions your design professional should ask.

Let me help you create the perfect house that fits your lifestyle and becomes your home.